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Clean And Green

Annie’s first book.


Better than Heloise’s Hints for A Healthy Planet…. — Library Journal, July, 1990

For those concerned about the environment, and the growing population with chemical sensitivities, Annie Berthold-Bond has the solution – actually 500 of them – in her book Clean & Green. Using her thoroughly researched and personally tested formulas for easy-to-make, nontoxic and nonpolluting household cleaning aids, it is possible to eliminate the health hazards of standard commercial products. — Ontario’s Common Ground Magazine, Spring 1993

In a remarkably easy-to-use format, Berthold-Bond tells how to clean effectively using simple, natural ingredients such a baking soda, Borax, lemon juice, vegetable oil and vinegar. She makes a convincing argument that cleaning with natural products can be handier, cheaper and just as effective as the alternative. — Home, March 1991

It is a gold mine of ideas for cleaning everything imaginable. — Natural Health, March/April 1994

The result of her years of experimentation is not only an encyclopedia for environmental cleanliness, but also a laundry list of solutions of solutions for everyday puzzlers. — Garbage Magazine, March/April 1991

Product Description

485 ways to clean, polish, disinfect, deodorize, launder, remove stains, even wash your car, without harming yourself or the environment. Recipes based on harmless, nonpolluting, renewable ingredients. 160 pages, recycled paper/vegetable ink, paperback.

You can buy it here.

2 Responses to Clean And Green

  1. Kathleen Baron says:

    I have loved your book forever, but now I am in need of a Green and Clean in Spanish. I have a lot of Latino friends who housekeep for a living who are ready to try cleaning more green mainly because the cheap chemicals they buy are starting to do their bodies harm. Can you suggest a book if your’s is not published in that language?

  2. Annie Bond says:

    HI Kathleen – thank you so much for your liking of my book(s).

    So sorry – none of my books are yet translated.


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