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I am excited to offer a Home Enlightenment: Detox Your Home, Detox Your Life workshop  at the Open Center, in New York

Friday, September 30, 6:30–9:30pm
Members: $30 / Nonmembers: $40

In this informative, practical, and inspirational workshop, Annie Bond will explore with us the impact of the choices we make each day and explain how common, everyday chemical exposures can have a subtle but profound effect on our well-being and quality of life. We will learn how to detoxify our homes one product at a time; choose environmentally friendly furnishings; perform our housekeeping using natural materials; make our own body care and cleaning products and control pests without toxic chemicals. Annie will demonstrate how to make products using natural substances such as essential oils and herbs. Come discover how to develop a natural, nontoxic lifestyle and transform your home into a sanctuary of health, comfort and rejuvenation.

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“I thought I knew it all! Annie’s informative talk at the Holistic Moms Network Conference opened my eyes to new areas of toxin-free living and after a few changes I feel my house is much safer and cleaner. Annie is THE expert in this field!”—Alex Jameson, author of The Great American Detox Diet.

“I loved Annie’s talk. As I walked in, I thought, “I don’t need to stay for this whole thing – I already live a green life at home.” But I learned things I hadn’t known and am glad I stayed as long as I did . . . Annie is a great speaker and I will definitely be seeking her out on the web.”–Melissa in Cleveland

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