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7 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Anne E. Berry says:

    What happened to your web site with the wonderful recipe for gluten free, high fiber, sprouted grain bread?? I love the recipe and have refered a number of people to the site to get it but now it seems to be gone. Is there any way to find it on line now. I can give people the recipe but I think it is helpful if they can read all the comments and suggestions for substitutions, etc.

    Anne E. Berry

  2. harold bishop says:

    Good morning Annie
    I read your article on coal tar driveway sealants and thought how how can this be true when that same product is used inside potable water storage tanks, would you clear this up for me?

  3. Juliann Swan says:

    I am so pleased with your book, Better Basics for the Home which was recommended by
    Do you have any recommended resources to help me with the following pest problem?
    I am a registered nurse and work with many homeless patients. In April 2011, I had symptoms of what seemed to be scabies. All treatments have failed to eliminate the crawling sensation I experience noted mostly in my hair and on my face. I am symptom free immediatley after a natural treatment but symptoms return several hours after the treatment.
    I was treated about 5 to 10 times with: Rx cream, Rx pills, and OTC cream. I now regret my high exposure to pesticides. All treatments failed. I am now applying 1. your lice treatments, 2. “Kleen Green Naturally” (natural enzyme cleaners including Protease, Lipase, Cellulase and Amylase…derived from organic sources., and 3. Oils with Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil.

  4. Mollie Cohee says:

    I have your book, Better Basics for the Home, and it’s wonderful! I have been trying to locate soap bark (quillaja bark) to make the Three-Part Mayan Formula noted on page 114. Raintree Marketing, your noted source, indicated that they don’t have that product. Please help. Where can I find this?

    Obviously, there is a supplier somewhere or else Burt’s Bees wouldn’t have it in their facial cleanser.

    Thank you so much!

  5. Annie Bond says:

    Thanks for writing, Mollie!
    So sorry about the soap bark. That book was published in 1998 and the source is long gone.

    I suggest that you try Soap Nuts available in health food stores. Steep some in hot water. (say a handfull per 2 cups of hot water)

    Good luck-

  6. Annie Bond says:

    Thanks very much, Juliann –
    So sorry – I don’t really have a remedy for that! good luck and it sounds like you do great work

  7. Annie Bond says:

    HI Harold-
    yikes, hate to think of coal tar leaching into water in those thanks!

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