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Green Chi Cafe celebrates and offers experiences in the joy of the green culture and lifestyle. A blog started with my daughter, Lily, is a place where Annie puts her personal blogs.  All are welcome.

What is Green Chi?

Green Lifestyle: Good for health and the environment
Chi: Vital energy in nature
Green + Chi: Renewal, revitalization, and regeneration on a personal and global scale.

2 Responses to Green Chi Cafe

  1. kim cam says:

    hey there fellow health lovers,
    so some months back there was a gluten free sprouted millet quinoa sesame bread that was the best thing a had ever tasted…upon searching..tis no more…where did this recipe go?? please!!my stomach and taste buds really want to know…if ya’ll have any info or recipes i would love a response….happy days!

  2. Annie Bond says:

    Oh, no! I am looking for the old blogs that were on the old

    Well, my daughter found this adaption of that recipe online:

    Let me know how it goes!

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